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Meet the Sewalicious Bloggers Team!

Thank you so much to everyone that applied...we were overwhelmed with how many amazing people applied. It was very hard choosing just 5 but we have and we would like to introduce them to you.


Amy and Nicki at the fair

My name is Athina, I am 26 and I live in Greece. I learned to sew back in 2012, when I had some free time during the summer holidays and I immediately became addicted! I started sewing little felt animals and then moved on to designing and sewing my own range of children’s’ clothes and opening my small business

Last year I decided it was time to start sewing my own clothes and create a fully handmade wardrobe, so I launched a second blog and a YouTube channel (both in English) under my name ( I’ve made more than 100 clothes in less than a year and I’m super excited to move onto more challenging garments for my wardrobe.


Amy and Nicki at the fair

Hi I'm Holly, and I'm from the New Forest where I live with my partner. I manage to sew in our teeny flat on our dining room table and I absolutely love it. I've only been sewing clothes for just over a year now but I'm completely addicted!

My journey began a few years ago with simple projects and gifts for friends and family but has now grown into a huge passion for making fashionable clothes that I can wear every day. Here is my blog - That's Sew Peachy.

I'm super excited to be joining the Sewalicious blogger team and can't wait to share some sewing love!


Amy and Nicki at the fair

I'm an Irish 23 year old costume graduate, living in Halifax. I started to sew because of my love for costume and theatre and I now work in a charity making bespoke garments for people with disabilities. When it comes to sewing for me I'm all about the DIYs and breaking the sewing rules. I’m always making sewing projects as easy and quick as possible! I love scouring the charity shops for pieces I can transform, I hate waste and Im not much of a hoarder, so I always attempt to use as much of the fabric as I can when creating! Here is my blog - Maria's makes.


Amy and Nicki at the fair

I’m Christine, I’m 45 and live in Scotland with my husband Michael, and our 2 teenagers. I work in therapeutic horticulture with adults with learning difficulties.

I’ve always enjoyed being creative in various ways and I took Design & Textiles at school, buying the sewing machine (that I still use) with my first wage and got as far as making my bridesmaids dresses. Then for some reason I stopped! I finally started sewing again 18 months ago and have pushed my skills more than I ever thought I would. As all sewists do, I love the feeling of taking a piece of fabric and making it into a unique piece of clothing, either for myself or my family. Looking forward to sharing my sewing stories and challenges with you all!


Amy and Nicki at the fair

Hi I'm Marie, you will find my fledgling blog The left Handed Seamstress.

I began dressmaking in January 2017. Before then, I made things like bunting and cobbled together kids costumes improv style (with various levels of success!) I am a novice knitter and enjoy cross stitch as well as embroidery.

I have a boy, Owen who is 12 (and already taller than me)! I also have a girl, Annabel (8) who seems to be following my crafty ways.

I also volunteer for the British Red Cross in their refugee service. I love to travel, my favourite city being Venice.

I am so excited to be a blogger for Nikki and Amy at Sewalicious as they have such a fab range of fabrics, patterns and habby I can't wait to get my hands on! Thanks ladies!


You will be able to read their blogs in a few weeks, so stay tuned.


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