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Lisa's Double Black Crepe Portobello Trousers

For my first blog post for Sewalicious I had to have a serious think about what I would make. There were cottons to make lovely frocks, jerseys for a cardigan and wool for a sweet 1930's jacket I had in mind. In the end I decided to go with the vision I’d had in my head for a while to make some Katherine Hepburn style trousers as I kept being drawn back to the gorgeous Double Black Crepe. This is a totally new shape for me as I always wear fitted dresses and skinny jeans, but as I love the 1940’s style flowing trousers I was ready to give this shape a whirl. I’m not keen on this style of trousers with turn ups, I much prefer the loose flowing style and so the Nina Lee London Portobello Trousers met everything I was looking for style wise. Plus they had in seam Pockets, a back zip and a waistband to give a lovely smooth shape.

When my parcel arrived with the double back crepe I knew it was the perfect choice as the weight and drape of it are lush. It would equally make a fabulous frock too. The colour is a proper deep black with no sheen which is another thumbs up from me. The crepe dried so quickly after my pre-wash so I could get cutting ready to sew that weekend. Another great if you're keen to get on with your sewing as I am. While my cloth dried I prepped the pattern, expecting to have to alter the front and back rises. At 6ft tall with a long body I usually have to add another couple of inches here at least so I was really surprised to find the pattern was perfect for my measurements here, all I had to do was add 2.5 inches to the leg length. This never happens as a tall woman, I always have to alter patterns to fit me. I’m guessing if you have a shorter body than mine you might have to reduce the rise on the trousers so the crotch isn't hanging low.

The double crepe was really easy to cut, with no slipping about and handled really well on my sewing machine. In fact it was a super quick sew, with no need for alterations as I went along. The only change I had to make was taking the zip in by another inch each side to fit my shape. I tried the trousers on before I added the waistband with the zip basted in and was thrilled with how they fitted and looked. All in it took me two days to make the trousers, but that’s because it was the weekend so there was tons of going in and out squeezing my stitching around family life. These trousers are definitely a day sew, so perfect if you want to be wearing them straight away.

My only bug bear is that I didn't make them another inch longer as I think that would look better. In the end I went for a rolled hem at the bottom to get the most out of the length and I think this looks better with a crepe fabric too. I absolutely love how they look and feel on, in fact they're so comfy it’s like wearing pyjamas that I can go out in. They look equally great with jumpers for a relaxed day time look and dressed up with a top to go dancing in. That's me then with a new shape added to my wardrobe, I'll definitely be making more of these.

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These look great. This is on my pattern list.Thanks for sharing.Julie