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Emma's Deer and Doe Skirt

Since I started sewing this pattern has been on my mind. It caught my eye very early on. I love the femininity and boldness of it, it’s a real statement piece. I had been put off by either having to sew lots of buttonholes for view A or inserting a fly zip for view B! Having recently made jeans though, I now understand that a fly zip is nothing to fear, it’s a process of steps but not challenging. I find that Deer and Doe are one of the best Indie brands out there producing comprehensive guideline booklets. In fact, I refer to the Deer and Doe Chataigne shorts booklet often to remind myself how to insert invisible zips!

So, the Fumeterre! This giant, bold pattern needed a matching fabric. Something that was striking, great quality and feminine. I selected the Bold Green and White flowers stretch cotton from the Sewalicious website and it didn’t disappoint! The flowers are a giant 25-30cm and stunning in detail. The fabric itself is 150cm wide, 97% cotton and 3% Lycra. It is almost like a sateen in appearance and a gorgeous quality about it.

I couldn’t wait to make a start and popped the fabric straight into the wash! Once dried and pressed, I made a start. The first task was creating those gorgeous, deep front pockets. I tried to pattern match as best I could but I forgot that the pockets had tabs and they ruined my best efforts! Haha!

It’s prudent to note that this is not a difficult sew, it truly isn’t, but it is a lot of sewing!!!! Be prepared to wind a few bobbins and be sure to grab a couple reels of cotton. One will not be enough! Once all my skirt panels were sewn together and I had topstitched each seam, I then went in for the fly front! The guidelines on how to do this in the Deer and Doe guide were different to the method used in my jeans so there are obviously a couple of options on that front. I went with the Deer and Doe guidance though and found it straightforward enough. I’m a very visual learner so I do appreciate the detailed drawn steps in the Deer and Doe guides!!!!

Once the zip was in it was just the waistband and hem facing to go! My skirt waited for those two steps to be completed for a week! Most unlike me!! Anyway, I got on with it in the end and couldn’t believe how well it all went together. The waistband on this skirt is almost sewn in reverse in that you sew the facing in first and then the outer waistband. It has such a great neat finish though I’m tempted to do all my waistbands this way where the pattern allows!

The skirt comes with a hemband facing as well, you obviously don’t have to use this, you could hem the skirt by taking a seam allowance and just topstitching it down. However, the facing is worth the effort. It is deep and so when you sit down and catch a glimpse of the underside of the skirt, It almost looks lined! It’s just a lovely finishing touch and obviously adds some much needed weight to the bottom of the skirt.

So, to conclude. Would I make this skirt again – in a heartbeat! Would I use this this fabric again – 100% Both went so well together in this sew but individually, pattern and fabric deserve credit. Both just ooze quality. Deer and Doe, as always, have created a great pattern that is straightforward to sew but once sewn makes a real statement! The fabric is great, behaves well under the machine, looks great, feels great and is really reasonable at only £12/m. This is one of my happiest sews to date and I thoroughly recommend you give it a go!

Thanks for reading and happy sewing!


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It’s beautiful Emma - a really great statement piece!! X
Simply stunning Emma!