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Ikatee Sakura Blouse or Dress Duo (3yrs -12yrs)

Blouse and Dress Duo

Skill Level:  Intermediate


  • A «Bohemian-style» outfit with a loose fitting and «kimono» sleeves.
  • Faced front and back yokes
  • Embellishment ideas: add piping, braids, lace, embros or pompons
  • Back opening
  • Optional lining at dress bottom
  • 2 garments perfect for all seasons: in summer or even in winter with a roll neck tee shirt and tights. New timeless items.


  • Linen for summertime
  • Cotton twill, poplin, batiste, double gauze, fine denim, plumetis, crepe
  • Soft corduroy
  • Tencel, cotton/viscose or viscose fabrics
  • Soft woolen fabrics
  • Do not use any thick fabric (difficult to gather) 


  • Cotton voil (solid colour) 
  • Only use a lining for the bottom part of the dress if the main fabric is fine and transparent (no need for lining for corduroy or double gauze)
  • No need for lining for the blouse