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Trish's Handmade Travel Capsule Wardrobe

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I don’t know about people in other parts of the world, but in Canada during the dead of winter, lots of people travel “down south” for a week or two to soak up the sun. I do not happen to be one of those lucky people. As I sit here, in my toque, cozy socks, sipping on a cup of hot tea in -30 degree windchill (why do I live in Canada?) I’m dreaming of the sunny days yet to come! Specifically, I’m really looking forward to our upcoming trip to Ireland at the end of May 2018!

Holly's Named Clothing Helmi Tunic

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Hi all! It's Holly here for another Sewalicious pattern and fabric review! I hope everyone is getting along ok so far with their 2018 sewing plans and not feeling the winter blues too much!